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Gestetner 270

270 Binder A mid range binder offering increased binding capacity and time saving features. It offers: Ease of use, an electric push button power punch for up to 22 sheets, binding up to 500 sheets, automatic punch jam stopper, strip supplies storage tray and an optional binding counter. Everything from a few sheets to a 500 sheet manual will appear more professional when attractively and correctly bound. The VeloBind System offers a wide range of covers in a variety of colours, finishes and styles with binding strips in different colours to match or complement the covers. These strips can be used to personalise your documents while the covers can be printed to include your logo or your client`s name.

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Punching Capacity (80g/m2, 20lb)

22 Sheets

Punch Operation


Maximum Binding Capacity

51mm (1")

Maximum Binding Length


Binding Operation

Touch Button

Binding Speed

10-12 seconds

Debind Function



597 x 273 x 451 mm


20.9 kg


230V, 50HZ, 2A
120V, 60HZ, 4A